The Assignment:

Digital Realty, a leading provider of data centers & infrastructure, wanted help boosting attendance at their annual Marketplace Live conference.

The Strategy:

Expand beyond the target IT audience with intriguing themes, engaging sessions, and riveting speakers to position Marketplace Live as one of the must-attend events in tech.

Development: MarketplaceLIVE 2020

You may not know the name Digital Realty but you’ve definitely used their services. Digital Realty builds data centers in urban business districts around the globe, enabling businesses to speed up the flow of their data with servers located close to their hubs. This can make a big difference in verticals like finance, medicine, and communications, where data speed is critical.

During the COVID-19 epidemic, Digital Realty turned to Article Group for help taking MarketplaceLIVE (MPL) 2020 virtual. At the time, they had just published The Data Gravity Index, which investigated the impact of rapidly-expanding data pools on the flow of information. The report made waves in the industry, and we recognized that data gravity was an ownable concept that could inform our thematic explorations — and Digital Realty’s messaging efforts long into the future.

With that in mind, we presented the theme Defying Gravity, along with a series of breakout sessions, extensions, and a long-tail marketing strategy. The client loved it and when Defying Gravity went live, attendance outperformed client expectations by more than 20%.

Note: move the slider to compare our presentation to the final output.

Development: MarketplaceLIVE 2022

After the success of our 2020 collaboration, Digital Realty came back to Article Group in 2021 with a new assignment: design a hybrid event that could take place in both the real world and online, with speakers and activities that would make both types of audiences want to attend. Data gravity was still an important part of the picture, but we wanted a new theme that could better speak to the state of the world in 2021. Our proposal: Living on the Edge: Possibilities for a world beyond data gravity.

This time, we went deeper on execution, suggesting an event approach, audience engagement strategy, and yearlong content calendar, along with breakout sessions, suggested speakers, and multimedia extensions that could bring the onsite and virtual audiences together.

Explore this year’s MPL here.