The Assignment:

Android wanted to change perceptions of their security and management capabilities to encourage enterprise customers around the globe to make the switch.

The Strategy:

Create an informative and entertaining digital event that detailed Android's security and management bona fides with in-depth sessions featuring high-profile speakers and interviews.


Android had a perception problem. The Android platform consistently achieves higher security ratings than iOS, yet a large percentage of mobile user believe Apple has the edge when it comes to safety. They asked Article Group for our help building a digital event that could change perceptions among a highly desirable audience: enterprise IT leaders.

Working with the Android team at Google, we built a first-of-its-kind digital event on the Android OnAir platform. Our team was instrumental in building the event from soup-to-nuts, including event naming, scripting, design, animation, direction, production, and promotion.

As Creative Director & head writer, I oversaw the creative process & content from initial brainstorming to post-production. I worked closely with the marketing team at Google to create an event that people would want to attend, with informative, entertaining content that repositioned Android as the world leader in mobile security. Our efforts paid off with more than 5000 registrations, surpassing client goals by 75%.

Watch the Art of Control here.