The Assignment:

AT&T partnered with HBO to create Westworld displays in their three flagship stores. They came to DK with the challenge to make it unforgettable ... and we delivered.

The Strategy:

We envisioned and produced an immersive experience that took visitors in Chicago, Boston, and San Francisco out of the real world and into Westworld.


Through our two-year partnership with HBO, we’d come to know the world of Westworld inside and out. So when the network needed to produce an in-store experience for AT&T that broke new ground and delivered for the fans, we were their first choice.


As with all of our Westworld marketing, we kept our experience in-world, developing a living celebration of the works of the Delos Corporation, the company behind Westworld and its sister theme parks. We gamified the experience, giving visitors an RFID-enabled key card they could use to unlock the individual exhibits.

Highlights included an interactive personality quiz, a player piano that users could control with their smartphones, original key art posters, hidden codes encrypted on computer punch cards, a holographic projection map, and a VR visit to the park itself.

As lead writer and a member of the ideation team, I helped conceive the experience from soup to nuts. I also scripted the experience walkthrough, wrote the interactive quizzes, the in-world museum placards and all publicity materials.