The Assignment:

PlayStation Vue needed a campaign that leveraged the popularity of the PlayStation brand while establishing Vue as a serious competitor in the streaming wars.

The Strategy:

Create an ownable look, feel, and messaging strategy that moves PlayStation away from its video game roots to become an all-entertainment brand.


PlayStation Vue came to Digital Kitchen with an interesting dilemma. As a market leader in home consoles and a subdivision of one of the world’s largest  electronics manufacturers, PlayStation had firmly established its entertainment bona fides. Yet when it came to its OTT service, Vue’s association with PlayStation was more of a hindrance than an asset. Despite Vue’s consistently high marks among subscribers, there were a lot of misconceptions in the marketplace about the service: it was only available on the PlayStation console (untrue), its channel selection was more limited than other providers (nope), it didn’t have live streaming (how dare you).

PlayStation Vue initially came to Digital Kitchen with a simple request: create a series of tutorial videos explaining Vue’s features to current customers and potential subscribers. After our first presentation, the client was so impressed with our efforts that they hired us on the spot for an ongoing engagement which has continued to build for over 2 years.


During our concepting phase, we began to develop a messaging strategy that would carry through to all the PlayStation Vue marketing, putting Vue’s unique advantages front-and-center. I led the messaging for all phases, writing scripts, taglines, secondary copy, and banners.

From our initial assignment of ten tutorial videos, we went on to create an evergreen brand anthem video, further promotional and tutorial videos, and a complete digital campaign including programmatic, social, and pre-roll. The results were a great example of how a small project can turn into a major partnership when you go the extra mile to understand the client’s needs.