The Assignment:

Google for Education wanted to promote their Future of Education research report with a video series aimed at a general audience.

The Strategy:

Build a branded series of interviews with education professionals that could live in perpetuity on GfE's YouTube page.


In 2023, Google for Education released an exhaustive research report about current trends in and future predictions on the state of education. They partnered with Article Group to create a video series that would promote the series, expand its reach, and increase downloads of the report. Oh, and each episode of the series had to stand by itself as an informative and entertaining piece of content that would appeal to educators, administrators, and parents.

Working with a team of creative geniuses, we built the series from the ground up, including title, remote interviews, scripting , design, post-production, and promotional campaign. The resulting series, Teaching for tomorrow: Insights on the future of education, received glowing reviews from the client, with a second series already in the works.