The Assignment:

Create an evolving animated spot that drove anticipation and viewership for the 2015 League of Legends World Championships.

The Strategy:

Develop a storyline and visual framework that could be revised on-the-fly in response to tournament events.

The Concept

The 2015 LoL Worlds was composed of four rounds, each taking place in a different European city. Working with Andy Hall at Elastic, I concepted and wrote a four-part animated promo, one for each round of the finals. 

In the spot, a crystal unleashes red and blue streams of energy that give rise to the LoL competitors. After each round, we incorporated motion-captured models of the actual winners and losers into the animation, building a fantasy, animated scenario around real world events in near real-time.

The Finals

The tournament finals were held in Berlin’s Mercedes-Benz Arena. Just before the final games began, our first three spots aired on the arena’s video screens. These led into a fourth spot featuring the final two teams, which ended with the two finalists standing at the doors of the stadium itself. Just as we concepted, the lights went out in the stadium. Red and blue light broke through the doors and wound its way around the stadium floor — and the final teams entered the stadium to hordes of screaming fans. What started as a simple series of promos became the thread that connected the entire narrative experience and an integral part of the live experience.