The Assignment:

With their multiple divisions and wide range of customer bases, Synchrony needed a clear, direct way to tell their story to the outside world . . . and themselves.

The Strategy:

Develop brand pillars, a master story, and a variety of messaging tools so everyone on the inside and outside has a clear idea of what Synchrony stands for and what they do.


Synchrony started life as a provider of private label credit cards. Got a Banana Republic card? That’s Synchrony. Lowe’s, Guitar Center, Gap, and many others—they’re all Synchrony too. Along the way, they started CareCredit, a credit solution for medical & veterinary needs, acquired a company that made web-based financial products, and opened a consumer banking division. Their audiences were disparate, their infrastructure was sprawling, and no one was really clear on how to talk about what they did.


Working with our strategy team, I interviewed Synchrony stakeholders, employees, and customers while taking a deep dive into company archives to figure out what made Synchrony tick. We turned our findings into an internal research document and messaging proposal that was shared extensively within the company

From these findings, we developed three brand pillars and a master story that gave an in-depth explanation of who Synchrony is, what they do, and why they matter. We then developed a company-wide messaging system that tailored our master story to all of Synchrony’s unique business needs, enabling employees to articulate the company vision to a diverse range of audiences. We turned this messaging system into a variety of tools, including an employee guide, an anthemic video and a web app.

I worked as head writer on all materials, working closely with Synchrony to ensure we captured their story in a way that was succinct, inspirational, and useful for all employees, from the call centers to C-suite.