Mobile Roadie

Mobile Roadie is an innovative app-creation tool that has been used by everyone from Taylor Swift to the Miami Dolphins. They wanted a short, attention-grabbing video that would entice viewers to explore their service further. I came up with the concept and wrote the script for this piece, which was shot and animated by my friends at Roger LA.

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Dance Moms

I wrote the treatment for this :30 Dance Moms spot that spoofed the film Flashdance. It was a great opportunity to combine my love of reality television with my expert knowledge of 80s dance films, including but not limited to Flashdance, Dirty Dancing, and the entire Breakin’ canon.

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Enemy Front

CI Games’s Enemy Front is a unique first-person shooter that tells the story of WWII from the perspective of a journalist embedded with the Polish resistance. I worked with Midnight Oil on campaign ideation for the release, including key art concepting, taglines, and scriptwriting.

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Midnight Oil Creative

Midnight Oil Creative creates standees, key art, promotional giveaways, and store displays for a wide range of film, tech, and manufacturing clients. I’ve been working with them for several years as a pinch-hitter in many different capacities, from campaign conceptualizing to tagline writing to marketing pieces. My vivid descriptions of their work contributed to award-winning turns in several major marketing contests, including the Key Art Awards, OMAs, and the Effies.


Visit Midnight Oil Creative.

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Best Green Careers


Educational publishers Learning Express commissioned me to write a book about how to find your dream job in the new green economy. It was a 300+ page book researched and written in about 4 months. It was a fun project. I learned a lot. I would never, ever do it again.

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