profile-pic-0813I am a creative thinker living in Los Angeles and an Associate Creative Director at Digital Kitchen.

I create 360 campaigns for broadcast and web clients.

My favorite campaigns are the funny ones, but I am equally proficient in serious, heartwarming, melancholy, tearjerking and/or dramatic. Can also tackle boring upon request.

I have two wonderful young children, a girl and a boy. They are small in stature but already quite skilled at the art of negotiation.

I host a weekly podcast called Dad Jeans. I also perform comedy songs on my own and as part of Brendan Hughes’s musical philosophy stage production The Pizzicato Effect. I have written two fiction novels that are available on Amazon. I also write scripts that may or may not be turned into films and television shows in the future, depending on my luck and/or moxie.

I no longer have the mustache in this picture but can grow it back upon request.

I enjoy what I do and look forward to putting my creative energy to work for you.