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Some shows attract fans. Westworld attracts fanatics. And people who are fanatical about Westworld want to spend far more than just one hour a week in the world of the show. So at Digital Kitchen, that’s just what we gave them. I led the creative ideation on the in-world digital narrative, developing a series of interrelated websites, digital advertising, hidden content, real-world stunts, and more. The experience won an Emmy in Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media, was shortlisted for the Cannes Golden Lion, and got us back at the table for Season 3.

Playstation Vue

Playstation came to Digital Kitchen looking for four tutorial videos for their Playstation Vue OTT service. I worked with DK’s art director to develop strategy, scripts, and a consistent look and feel for the video series. After our first presentation, the client was so impressed with our efforts that they hired us on the spot for an ongoing engagement. To date, we’ve created ten videos and anthem spots and will soon be developing their brand messaging style guide — a great example of how a small project can turn into a major partnership when you go the extra mile to understand the client’s needs.

STARZ Rebrand

Created the tagline “Obsessable” for the STARZ / STARZ ENCORE network rebrand. Worked with Troika from pitch to launch as we integrated STARZ and ENCORE networks into a singular brand identity, crafting the brand voice through promos, on-air language, B2B materials, and social media. Helped develop internal guidelines for all aspects of communication, including use of music, edits, copy, and visuals.

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The Commerce Casino

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LA’s Commerce Casino is the largest card room in the world, but they were losing ground to the competition. They came to Digital Kitchen for a complete brand package — the first in their 35 year history. We developed a brand identity that embraced Commerce’s industrial downtown location, eschewing the stereotypical high-rolling, tuxedo-clad fantasies employed by other casinos. I led the messaging team, developing The Commerce’s tagline, messaging style guide, and brand book. Our successful efforts led to a multi-year partnership that included creation and leadership on all OOH, in-house collateral, digital media, websites, and radio.

The Sinner Interactive

The Sinner: Neighborhood Watch is an immersive interactive experience that unfolds over the course of ten weeks alongside the second installment of USA Network’s The Sinner. In the experience, users enter a pseudo-Nextdoor style community website where they can interact with their (pre-scripted) neighbors, take part in realistic video calls, and unlock secret mysteries and easter eggs. I helped develop the concept and wrote over 90 pages of dialogue for the experience, including original dialogue performed by series stars Bill Pullman and Carrie Coons.

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Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them

I wrote this animated piece to promote a series of world-building JK Rowling short stories in the lead-up to the Warner Bros. film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Directed by Andy Hall for Elastic.

University of Washington

An inspirational spot I wrote for the University of Washington, produced by DK Seattle.

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SyFy Survival Guide

The SyFy Survival Guide is a series of comedic short films that meld reality shows like Man Vs. Wild with SyFy scenarios. I worked closely with longtime partners Roger from the conception stage to final scripting.


League of Legends World Championships

In the lead-up to the 2015 League of Legends World Championship finals, I worked with Elastic on a six-episode series of animated videos that incorporated competition events into an ongoing sci-fi narrative.

GE Subsea Oculus Rift Experience

I worked with VR magicians Kite and Lightning on the script for an immersive experience that sent users under the sea to explore GE’s subsea drilling technology. The experience is currently touring the world as a part of GE’s ongoing educational efforts for employees. The experience was showcased in AdWeek as an example of GE’s groundbreaking use of technology in marketing campaigns.

Samsung Gear VR

The future is virtual. I scripted this anthem piece for Samsung Gear VR with my friends at Royale.

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Dad Jeans

Since 2014, my friend Brendan Hughes and I have been hosting a weekly comedy podcast called Dad Jeans about how to raise children without becoming completely irrelevant. The jury is still out on whether we are succeeding in this mission, but people seem to like listening to us talk about it.

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Independent Lens


I wrote the intro scripts for the 2013-2015 seasons of the Peabody- and Emmy-Award winning PBS documentary series Independent Lens, hosted by Stanley Tucci.

The Vanishing Point

A short film I wrote. Directed by Eric Kissack and starring Basil Smith, Anthony Crehan, Brian Huskey, and Jennifer Irwin. I got to wear a gorilla suit.