League of Legends 2015 World Championships

In the lead up to the 2015 League of Legends World Championship finals, Riot Games wanted a series of a videos that would take the excitement level to new heights among eSports fans and newcomers alike. As teams progressed through the four rounds of the tournament, the videos would incorporate series footage, creating a compelling, dynamic narrative that led us right to the doors of the stadium in the final event. Working with Elastic, we created a series of 6 videos that aired separately throughout the competition, and on the big screens in the stadium at the final event. In addition, we helped conceive the visuals in the stadium at the actual finals.

Fox Sports 1 College Football

Working with Brkly, I wrote the VO for a series of college football promos that aired on Fox Sports One. Are you pumped yet? Yeah! Sports!

GE Subsea Oculus Rift Experience

I worked with virtual reality studio Kite and Lightning on the script for an immersive experience that sent users under the sea to explore GE’s subsea drilling technology. The experience is currently touring the world as a part of GE’s ongoing educational efforts for employees. The experience was showcased in AdWeek as an example of GE’s groundbreaking use of technology in marketing campaigns.

Murdered: Soul Suspect

Ubisoft’s Murdered: Soul Suspect tells the story of a ghost detective who is looking for his killer from the afterlife. I collaborated with Midnight Oil on the ideation and planning of this spooky closed-room experiential event that took place at the PAX East conference. The event won Gold in the Best Showing at a Trade or Consumer Event category at the 2014 Game Marketing Awards.

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SyFy Survival Guide

The SyFy Survival Guide is a series of comedic short films that meld reality shows like Man Vs. Wild with SyFy scenarios. I worked closely with longtime partners Roger LA from the conception stage to final scripting. The spots are currently in rotation on the SyFy Network.

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Dad Jeans

Since 2014, my friend Brendan Hughes and I have been hosting a weekly comedy podcast called Dad Jeans about how to raise children without becoming completely irrelevant. The jury is still out on whether we are succeeding in this mission, but people seem to like listening to us talk about it.

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Independent Lens

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For 11 years, the PBS series Independent Lens has been the premiere television showcase for feature-length documentaries. Every episode of Independent Lens begins with an introduction by the series host. For the past two seasons, the host has been Stanley Tucci, and the writer has been me. Basically, I got to watch amazing movies and then write about them for one of the best actors in the world. Just another day at the office.

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The Sixties

I collaborated with longtime client Loyalkasper on ideation and language explorations for The Sixties, a CNN original documentary series. For the image campaign, the client wanted a modern take that would articulate the series’ goal of providing a fresh look at the decade. This spread appeared in Rolling Stone magazine.

The Vanishing Point

A short film I wrote. Directed by Eric Kissack and starring Basil Smith, Anthony Crehan, Brian Huskey, and Jennifer Irwin. I got to wear a gorilla suit.

Enemy Front

CI Games’s Enemy Front is a unique first-person shooter that tells the story of WWII from the perspective of a journalist embedded with the Polish resistance. I worked with Midnight Oil on campaign ideation for the release, including key art concepting, taglines, and scriptwriting.

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Dance Moms

on-air promo

I wrote the treatment for this :30 Dance Moms spot that spoofed the film Flashdance. It was a great opportunity to combine my love of reality television with my expert knowledge of 80s dance films, including but not limited to Flashdance, Dirty Dancing, and the entire Breakin’ canon.

Watch the video here.

Mobile Roadie

Mobile Roadie is an innovative app-creation tool that has been used by everyone from Taylor Swift to the Miami Dolphins. They wanted a short, attention-grabbing video that would entice viewers to explore their service further. I came up with the concept and wrote the script for this piece, which was shot and animated by my friends at Roger LA.

Conan on TBS

TBS tapped a number of motion graphics firms to submit promos for his new show on TBS, and one of the spots I wrote made the cut. An interesting note: I was called in to record a scratch track for the voiceover before the spot was submitted to TBS – they ended up loving it as is, so the spot aired on TBS intact with my narration. So even if this writing thing never goes anywhere, at least I know I can fall back on my golden pipes.