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After years in the freelance wilderness, I took a Senior Creative role at Digital Kitchen. One of our major projects involves partnering with HBO on the extended narrative for Westworld. After winning the Emmy for best digital experience for Season 1, HBO wanted to pull out all the stops on Season 2. I led the creative ideation on the in-world digital narrative, developing a series of interrelated websites, digital advertising, hidden content, real-world stunts, and more. Prior to series launch, we were tapped to envision and oversee a takeover of AT&T stores in San Francisco, Boston, and Chicago — an in-world experience that involved even further creative thinking, writing, and development. The experience attracted huge fan interaction and critical acclaim, helping Westworld become the successor to Game of Thrones as HBO’s flagship show.

Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them

I wrote this animated piece to promote a series of world-building JK Rowling short stories in the lead-up to the Warner Bros. film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Directed by Andy Hall for Elastic.

STARZ Rebrand

Created the tagline “Obsessable” for the STARZ / STARZ ENCORE network rebrand. Worked with Troika from pitch to launch as we integrated STARZ and ENCORE networks into a singular brand identity, crafting the brand voice through promos, on-air language, B2B materials, and social media. Helped develop internal guidelines for all aspects of communication, including use of music, edits, copy, and visuals.

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SyFy Survival Guide

The SyFy Survival Guide is a series of comedic short films that meld reality shows like Man Vs. Wild with SyFy scenarios. I worked closely with longtime partners Roger from the conception stage to final scripting.


League of Legends World Championships

In the lead-up to the 2015 League of Legends World Championship finals, I worked with Elastic on a six-episode series of animated videos that incorporated competition events into an ongoing sci-fi narrative.

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Minds and Art Realized in Space is a collective that brings artists together with scientists, engineers, and astrophysicists to build immersive installations exploring inner- and outer-space. I was proud to work with them on crafting a launch video that introduced their mission to the world.

Samsung Gear VR

The future is virtual. I scripted this anthem piece for Samsung Gear VR with my friends at Royale.

GE Subsea Oculus Rift Experience

I worked with VR magicians Kite and Lightning on the script for an immersive experience that sent users under the sea to explore GE’s subsea drilling technology. The experience is currently touring the world as a part of GE’s ongoing educational efforts for employees. The experience was showcased in AdWeek as an example of GE’s groundbreaking use of technology in marketing campaigns.

Murdered: Soul Suspect

I collaborated with Midnight Oil on the ideation and planning of this spooky closed-room experiential event that took place at the PAX East conference. The event won Gold in the Best Showing at a Trade or Consumer Event category at the 2014 Game Marketing Awards.

Black Panthers: Vanguard of a Revolution

I wrote the treatment for this colorful spot promoting the network premiere of Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution on PBS’s Independent Lens. The video hit over 400,000 views in the first 24 hours of its release and #BlackPanthersPBS was the #1 trending hashtag worldwide the night the show aired.

Fox Sports 1 College Football

Working with Brkly, I wrote the VO for a series of college football promos that aired on Fox Sports One. Are you pumped yet? Yeah! Sports!

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Dad Jeans

Since 2014, my friend Brendan Hughes and I have been hosting a weekly comedy podcast called Dad Jeans about how to raise children without becoming completely irrelevant. The jury is still out on whether we are succeeding in this mission, but people seem to like listening to us talk about it.

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Independent Lens


I wrote the intro scripts for the 2013-2015 seasons of the Peabody- and Emmy-Award winning PBS documentary series Independent Lens, hosted by Stanley Tucci.

The Vanishing Point

A short film I wrote. Directed by Eric Kissack and starring Basil Smith, Anthony Crehan, Brian Huskey, and Jennifer Irwin. I got to wear a gorilla suit.